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Turk Fickling

Personal Trainer in Beaverton Oregon

Turk Fickling has been a certified personal trainer and contest prep coach for over 23 years. He has developed a unique program, TTP (Turks Training Principles) which he has used to coach top regional, national and pro athletes on dieting and contest prep. Turk has written for and NW Fitness Magazine and has attained certifications in personal training and nutrition through the American college of sports medicine. Turk also works with clients in wide range of other focuses such as; gaining lean muscle mass,nutritional planning, losing body fat, contest dieting, general fat loss, rehabilitation from surgery, or introduction to weight training. Overcoming obstacles with his own past surgery & setbacks, Turk knows firsthand the importance of getting past recovery and continuing to be committed to live an active and fit lifestyle, is not always easy but it is definitely worth it. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

In his younger years, Turks athleticism (football, wrestling, track, rugby) taught him the importance of resistance training to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle in addition to enhancing his sports performance. This is where his passion for weight training developed and lead him to compete in body building. As a competitor, Turk has won many shows including the North Carolina State, Emerald Cup, Junior Nationals and the USAs.

Sharing knowledge, educating and inspiring others to lead a healthy life style is the true drive and passion of his job. Turk takes pride in knowing his clients on a personal level to help educate, motivate each one, as an individual, showing them that they each have what it takes to brake barriers and reveal a power they thought they never had. Turks combination of nutritional education, effective training principles and his ability to inspire others sets him apart from other trainers in the industry, making the journey of living a healthy and fit lifestyle more motivating and fulfilling to his clients.

Jaylen Eason

Jaylen Eason

Jaylen Eason is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast who has been in the fitness Industry since 2007.

Jaylen specializes in:

  • Improving body composition
  • Increasing muscular strength/endurance, Fat loss
  • Teaching proper form and technique
  • Creating a healthy sustainable lifestyle

Jaylen graduated from Portland Community College with a degree in Fitness Technology and is a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine. As a teen, Jaylen overcame and defeated his childhood obesity through research and hard work. Overcoming those obstacles gave him the passion he has today and paved the way for his future career in the fitness industry. “The very second you create a goal for yourself, the results are yours already. My job and what I take pride in, is being the orchestrater to help bridge the gap between who you are and who you are capable of being.”